Adam Reynolds, who do you think you are, boy?!

I’m a city slicker via country bumpkin. If there’s a pen in my mouth, I’m deep in thought. I wear headphones, but rarely have music playing. I hate winter, but love an excuse to stay inside. I run slow, but jump high. I’m the Cambridge Middle School record holder for spelling the most words out of “Christmas.” I once bowled 232 and didn’t even know it. I like to write. People say I’m good at it. I’ve been on Entertainment Tonight. And so has my work. I’ve won awards. They fancy up my closet. I recycle religiously, but can never get it to the curb in time. I’ve danced on stage with Patti LaBelle. She was too touchyfeely. I’m not an athlete, but I’ve been in Sports Illustrated. I’m not a teenager, but I’ve been in Seventeen magazine. I’ve signed a few autographs, but I’m not really famous. I’m two degrees from Kevin Bacon. I’d like to meet you.