Now’s the part in the show when I get to toot my own horn.

As Thomas Jefferson — or someone who’s still upset about not getting credit — said, “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

On a professional level, luck has definitely been on my side in 2014. While I’ve never really been big into the advertising award show scene, it’s always nice to get a few head nods thrown your way after working hard all year.

And again, luckily for me and the great teams I work with, the heads of the ADC, AdFed, AIGA, HOW, and GDUSA judges have nodded frequently this year. Well maybe it was more of a tip of the cap. Either way.

Here are the latest additions to go up on my virtual mantel:

Life Time Kids Academy Branding:

Art Directors Club Awards 2014
AIGA Design Show 2014
HOW In-House Awards 2014


(Illustrated by Chris Lee.)

Life Time Commitment Day Campaign 2013

AIGA MN Design Show 2014
AdFed MN “The Show” 2014

Adam_Reynolds_Copywriter_Commitment_Day_05photography by


Illume Go Be Lovely

AIGA MN Design Show 2014


Life Time Discovery Book – January 2014

AIGA MN Design Show 2014
How In-House Awards 2014
GDUSA InHouse Awards 2014

Discovery_Book_1 Discovery_Book_2